Viewpoint: A ‘new deal’ for children

Don Edgar, Monash University


We need to change the way we think about children. They are not just a private, family matter. What happens to them in early childhood, at school, in the community, how they are affected by the workplace, the media, and society at large is of vital importance to everyone, not only their parents. This Viewpoint makes the case for this change, and suggests a framework for thinking about how we might bring it about.

Dr Don Edgar is one of Australia’s best-known authorities on social trends as they affect families, communities and the workplace. Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies for fourteen years (1980–93), Don is now Professorial Fellow at Monash University’s Key Centre in Industrial Relations and Adjunct Professor with RMIT’s Centre for Workplace Culture Change.

Download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, 103 Kb.