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Volume 14, Number 1: January 2016

Have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services Failed? A Response to Weatherburn Elise Klein, Michael Jones and Eddie Cubillo

Volume 13, Number 1: April 2015

Historical Reasoning about Indigenous Imprisonment: A Community of Fate? Tim Rowse

Volume 12, Number 2: April 2014

Got to Get You into My Life: Offspring of Donor Insemination Challenging Confidentiality Rules Anna Kalaitzidis and Paul Jewell

Volume 12, Number 1: August 2013

Politics, Reviews and Support for the Arts: An Analysis of Government Expenditures on the Arts in Australia from 1967 to 2009 Kate MacNeill, Jenny Lye and Paul Caulfield

Volume 11, Number 2: June 2013

Child Support Compliance and Tax Return Non-filing: A Feminist Analysis Kay Cook

Volume 11, Number 2: April 2013

Drug Promotion in Australia: Policy Contestation and the Tightening of Regulation Evan Doran and Hans Löfgren

Volume 11, Number 1: November 2012

Health Complaint Commissions in Australia: Time for a National Approach to Data Collection Merrilyn Walton, Jennifer Smith-Merry, Judith Healy and Fiona McDonald

Volume 10, Number 2: March 2012

It’s Just a Joke: Defining and Defending (Musical) Parody Paul Jewell and Jennie Louise

Volume 10, Number 1: July 2011 – Special Issue on Evidence-based Prevention

Guest Editors’ Introduction Ann Sanson, Brian W. Head and Gerry Redmond

Making Prevention Work in Human Services for Children and Youth Brian W. Head and Gerry Redmond

The Role for Marketing in Public Health Change Programs Robert J. Donovan

Who Gets the ‘Gift of Time’ in Australia? Ben Edwards, Matthew Taylor and Mario Fiorini

Formulating Better Policies for Positive Child Development Matthew Manning, Ross Homel and Christine Smith

The Science of Prevention for Children and Youth Ann V. Sanson, Sophie S. Havighurst and Stephen R. Zubrick

Viewpoint: A ‘New Deal’ for Children Don Edgar

Volume 9, Number 2: April 2009

Is ‘Close the Gap’ a Useful Approach? Kerryn Pholi, Dan Black and Craig Richards

Volume 9, Number 1: August 2008

How Political, Satirical Cartoons Illustrated Australia’s WorkChoices Debate Keith Townsend, Paula McDonald and Lin Esders

Volume 8, Number 1: August – December 2007

Neoliberal Workplace Reforms and Union Decline Len Perry

Anti-Political Sentiment in Contemporary Liberal Democracies Michael Hogan

Volume 7, Number 1: October 2006

Social Democracy in Northern Europe: Its Relevance for Australia Andrew Scott

Reform of Income Tax in Australia: A Long-term Agenda Peter McDonald and Rebecca Kippen

Pain and Mythology: Disability Support Pension Recipients and Work Alan Morris

State of Assistance? Political Parties and State Support in Australia Zareh Ghazarian

Family Taxation: An Unfair and Inefficient System Patricia Apps

Volume 6, Number 1: November 2005

How is Trust in Government Created? It Begins at Home, but Ends in the Parliament Jenny Job

Compulsory Voting in Australia: Turnout With and Without It Jonathon Louth and Lisa Hill

Indicators of Risk to the Wellbeing of Australian Indigenous Children Anne Daly and Diane Smith

Social Rights and Social Capital: Welfare and Co-operation in Complex Global Society Roger Patulny

Volume 5, Number 1: December 2004

The High Taxation of Working Families Patricia Apps

In Defence of Cartoonists’ Licence to Mock Haydon Manning and Robert Phiddian

A Licence to Mock: Response Michael Hogan

Volume 4, Number 3: March 2004

Labour Relations on Northern Cattle Stations Thalia Anthony

Modernising Menzies, Whitlam, and Australian Elections Robert Crawford

Volume 4, Number 2: November 2003

Sustainable Indigenous Economic Futures Jon Altman

Continuing Disadvantage in Indigenous Education Boyd Hunter and Jerry Schwab

Mediating Sustainable Development in Cape York Benjamin Smith

Volume 4, Number 1: July 2003

Treaty How? Ravi de Costa

Nugget Coombs and his Place in the Postwar Order Evan Jones

Challenges to the Detention of Asylum Seekers Kristie Dunn and Jessica Howard

Volume 3, Number 3: March 2003 – Special Issue on Social Policy

Editors’ Introduction Greg Marston and Gabrielle Meagher

Evidence-Based Practice as Strategy in Social Work Catherine McDonald

A Critical Appraisal of Evidence-Based Policy-Making Greg Marston and Rob Watts

Does the Social Capital Hypothesis Offer Hope for Untrusting Societies? Toby Fattore, Nick Turnbull and Shaun Wilson

Why Social Capital Does Not Mean the End of Ideology Benjamin Spies-Butcher

Social Inclusion, National Identity and the Moral Imagination Patricia Harris and Vicki Williams

Volume 3, Number 2: November 2002

The Political Economy of a Treaty Jon Altman

Contractualism, Employment Services and Mature-Age Job Seekers Lorraine Kerr, Ed Carson and Jodi Goddard

Industrial Relations Reform and the Small Business Sector Jeremy Buultjens and Felicity Orme

Volume 3, Number 1: July 2002

Community Consultation in Environmental Policy Making Lyn Carson, Stuart White, Carolyn Hendriks and Jane Palmer

Welfare Reform in Australia and the United States Kate Green

Young Peoples’ Social Networks and Welfare Reform Rob Strathdee and David Hughes

Job Network: Changing Community Sector Values David Abelló and Helen MacDonald

Volume 2, Number 3: March 2002 – Special Issue on Public Right to Know

Guest Editors’ Introduction Kath Gelber and Chris Nash

Free Speech, Hate Speech and a Bill of Rights Katharine Gelber

Art: A Form of Speech, But Not Like Any Other? Kate MacNeill

Rights and Wrongs of Knowing in Chemical Conflict Mariann Lloyd-Smith

Sydney’s Tainted Food Scandal Frances Parker

Rescuing FoI: Rescuing Democracy Bill De Maria

FoI and the Delivery of Diminishing Returns Rick Snell

Media Access and ‘Open Justice’ Patrick Keyzer

Volume 2, Number 2: November 2001

Active Labour Market Policy and Macroeconomic Stabilisation John Quiggin

The Search for Alternative Economic and Social Policies Graham White

The Third Way and the End of Politics Clive Hamilton

Volume 2, Number 1: July 2001

The Trans-Tasman Relationship Phil Goff

The Defence White Paper Graeme Cheeseman

Cartoonists and Political Cynicism Michael Hogan

Volume 1, Number 3: March 2001

Funding Australia’s Public Universities Gavan Butler

‘Policy Coherence’ in Australian Government Michael Di Francesco

Volume 1, Number 2: November 2000

Urban Public Transport Agendas David Hensher

Australia’s New Gun Control Philosophy Rebecca Peters and Roland Browne

What's Fair in Funding Indigenous Health Care? Gavin Mooney

Volume 1, Number 1: July 2000

Editors’ Welcome

Full Employment and the Discipline of Labour Tim Rowse

The New World of Labour Market Programs Raja Junankar

Workplace and Employment Relations Reform Russell Lansbury


Tim Rowse on historical reasoning about Indigenous imprisonment
Anna Kalaitzidis and Paul Jewell on challenges to confidentiality rules for sperm donors
Kate MacNeill, Jenny Lye and Paul Caulfield on government arts spending 1967–2009
Michele Ferguson on defending the value of the social sciences
Robert Aldrich on homosexuality in the gallery
Don Arthur on Menzies’ other forgotten people