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ARPA is published with the support of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at The University of Sydney. Access is free for individual and non-profit educational use.

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Scott McKinnon on the urban geographies of sexuality
Philippa Collin on teenagers as citizens
Helen Proctor on how privilege breeds privilege
Toby Fattore on children as social actors
Julie Stephens on love and justice
John Quiggin on capital and inequality
Lisa Hill on Adam Ferguson and the Scottish Enlightenment
Marian Sawer on women in politics
Kath Gelber on hate speech on the net
Bill Pritchard on activism in food politics
Karen Hussey on paying polluters
Ben Tipton on women and business leadership
Peter Whiteford on who benefits from the welfare state
Gillian Wigglesworth on second language learning for Indigenous children
John Mikler on the EU and the GFC
Christine Jennett on Indigenous Australians and criminal justice
Ben Tipton on women in business in Asia
Stuart Macintyre on the history of political science in Australia








The Australian Review of Public Affairs is published is published with the support of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, at The University of Sydney. Please address all manuscript submissions to the Editor, Gabrielle Meagher.


Contributors are responsible for the opinions they express in the Australian Review of Public Affairs. Neither the Editors, nor the University of Sydney, necessarily endorse these opinions.


Evan Doran and Hans Löfgren on drug promotion in Australia
Merrilyn Walton, Jennifer Smith-Merry, Judith Healy and Fiona McDonald on health care complaints
Paul Jewell and Jennie Louise on (musical) parody
Rod Tiffen on Nelson Mandela and moral capital
Kate Gleeson and Carol Johnson on Tony Abbott’s gender politics
Rob Manwaring on Labor’s ghosts
Ilektra Spandagou on Down syndrome and social change