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Media Ownership Rules Julian Thomas

New Media, Old Claims Stewart Fist

The New ‘Anti-Politics’ of ‘Security’ Kanishka Jayasuriya

Federalism as a Political Issue Dugald Monro

National Competition Policy Rob Albon

A TCF Industry Case Study Caroline Alcorso

Volunteering – Values and Visibility Melanie Oppenheimer

Globalisation and Social Democracy Phil Toner

The First Child Tax Refund Patricia Apps

Some Thoughts on Economics Education Sinclair Davidson

The Mystery of the Nile Tony Smith

The Next Step for Indigenous Affairs Policy Anne Daly and Diane Smith

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Ken Harvey

Obsessed with Size Ian McAuley

Australia’s American Alliance After September 11 Henry Albinski

The Higher Education Finance Debate Bruce Chapman

Three Reasons to Cut Higher Education Funding Gavin Moodie

An Australian Anti-Racism Coalition Ladan Rahmani

September 11 and the Economy Peter Kenyon

Liberals Lead Looking Backwards Judith Brett

Security Analysts as Biased Tools Robert P. Gray

Australia Should Oppose the War Against Terrorism Gavin Moodie

Australia Must Support the War Against Terrorism Darryl Jarvis

Corporate Collapses and Deregulatory Dilemmas John Quiggin

Symposium: Food Safety and Security

Australia’s Pursuit of Agricultural Free Trade Bill Pritchard

Professional Work in the 21st Century Brian Lloyd and Kim Rickard

MPs Frozen in the ‘GOGO’ Frame Tony Smith

Boldly Going Michael Jackson

The Third Way: Pygmy or Global Ambitions? Duncan Kerr MP

I Think therefore It Is Evan Jones

Debunking Keen Sinclair Davidson

Symposium: The Future of the ALP

The Social Capital Debate Karen Healy

The Work Ethic Christina Ho

Global Warning Sharon Beder

Separation of Church and State? Michael Hogan

Valuing the Humanities Bob Carr

Human Rights Treaties in Australia Kath Gelber

Stretton’s Economics: A New Introduction Anthony Housego

Fiscal Guardians Ian McAuley

The State Fiji’s In Pamela Cawthorne


Tim Rowse on historical reasoning about Indigenous imprisonment
Anna Kalaitzidis and Paul Jewell on challenges to confidentiality rules for sperm donors
Kate MacNeill, Jenny Lye and Paul Caulfield on government arts spending 1967–2009
Michele Ferguson on defending the value of the social sciences
Robert Aldrich on homosexuality in the gallery
Don Arthur on Menzies’ other forgotten people